About Us

About Spares or Repair

In 2019, My 50" television screen got damaged and I couldn't find a buyer. I came up with the idea of creating a platform where people can buy or sell products that are old/damaged either in whole or in parts. Our motto remains "even damaged items have a value".

Our platform is open to known global repairers and retailers who fix and resell all types of products.

Spares or Repair has a goal of becoming the number one classifieds site in the UK, used by one in two adults every month. On top of buying and selling parts of products, our users can also list:

  • services

As technology advances, we advace aswell. We have a team dedicated to provide modern designs and solutions to our users. We plan to redefine and become a strong force in the online buying and selling business.

We are a classified platform focused on our users safety and experience. Our team is able to identify irregularities on the platform using our easy to use backend tools. 

We looking forward to join force with the government and other large organisation to minimise the waste of products.

One day we will become a globally recognised digital brand that improves the lives of people and their enviroment.